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The Ultimate Guide to Tent Repair and Maintenance

The Ultimate Guide to Tent Repair and Maintenance

    Tents are a very important equipment for people engaged in outdoor adventure. Any durable tent has its life span. Proper usage, repair and main...
The reasons parents are keen on purchasing play tents for their children

The reasons parents are keen on purchasing play tents for their children

play tents for their children
Protecting Your Little One From The Sun - Baby Beach Tent Is A Must

Protecting Your Little One From The Sun - Baby Beach Tent Is A Must

Protecting Your Little One From The Sun - Baby Beach Tent Is A Must

Enjoying a beach trip with your toddler is wonderful. 


We purchased this tent to shelter our four month old baby from the sun while on vacation in St. Croix. It is lightweight (we placed it in one of our checked bags) and it was easy to put up by myself while wearing the baby; it pops open in seconds. It comes with six stakes, which were sufficient for our needs, but there are also two pockets which run along the length of the outside walls that can be filled with sand for additional anchoring. It's pretty simple to fold, although one time we had a bit of trouble (something twisted the wrong way), but it was fine after we opened it up again and re-folded. There was plenty of room inside for the baby to nap. It lasted through our vacation (which is all we had hoped for) and we brought it home to use in the summer. Most importantly, no sunburn for baby (or Mommy)!.


This cabana is perfect for camping, not primarily as a tent, though you could use it as a tent on a warm night. It's perfect for use at the beach - the ocean or a lake, when it's too sunny to be exposed to the sunlight for those of us that are not genetically designed for more than 10 minutes of exposure. The windows and the front opening allow the cool breezes to flow through, and it's large enough to put a couple of beach chairs inside. You can enjoy looking out onto the lake or the ocean without sand blowing in your face or getting fried by the rays of the sun. My dog enjoys snoozing in the tent while the sea breeze keeps him cool. It's very easy for one person to put up, as well.

Allyn McGillicuddy

This pop up is so versatile, and easy to use! There are many reasons we love it.

Size: Folds up super small into a light weight bag, but when opened it's bigger than it looks.
(if you have one of those circular car windshield reflects that folds up, this does so the same way)
It's more than just a sunshade for 2, we had two adults and two kids under it, without a problem.

Privacy: If you need to change in public...which happens more than I realize, then both sides can come up.
If you want breeze or extra flooring, both sides go down so you can relax in the grass or wherever.
*The floor will also come out totally if you want to lay on the sand.

Security: The beach can be windy, this stakes down quickly and no problem. Window flaps can come up and down easily as well. It also gives the kids a great target for how to find us when they run off down the beach or park or wherever.

We should have bought one years ago. It is so lightweight, it'll probably stay in the trunk of the car every spring and summer. Great product, well made, it's already saved us all from a few sunburns and many more in the future!