Life can't no flowers and fragrance | arms ziwei 🌸 languid is lazy curtilage home!

What kind of existence does home have?
When you are young, your parents are home;
When I grow up, I feel that home can be anywhere;
Now I feel that home is the home of the soul, is to follow the heart, healing and nourishing each other.

Working from home, I have the right balance between life and work. Many hobbies, not limited. Enjoy your own time, love flowers and fragrant homes, and surprise yourself every now and then. Today, we have a pink theme, romantic crape Myrtle.

I love the new and love the old. I like new and interesting things as well as old and mysterious things. Home also has a lot of ancient furniture, like to transform the old furniture, let it have new life again. Like the diptyque 34 Avenue Saint-Germain collection, it recreates the classic flavor with a new attitude.

Ushered in the first autumn cooling, opened the window, lit the No.34 candle, continued to create unfinished hand-painted illustration works. The fragrance of blackcurrant leaves and figs fills every corner of the house. Light, soft, touching every cell of the body, let a person relax, quiet, intoxicated. No. 34 expansion decoration, multi - sided glass bottle body, in the light and shadow lining particularly good. Put in any corner of the home, can be just the right blend.

Fragrance wax is perfect for my antique desk drawer. It's dainty and fringed and goes well with my floral illustrations. My paintings from now on will be imbued with the faint aroma of figs. I'm a very picky person when it comes to perfumes, but this perfume No.34 surprised me. It's woody and refreshing.

What does your home smell like? I think the taste of home is not overnight, it is the precipitation of time, just like the aroma of diptyque series 34 Avenue Saint-Germain, it is the internal precipitation and richness.