How to develop a minimalist and natural home?

The simplicity of the hard decoration makes it easier to keep the entire space clean and tidy
But nothing can make people fall into the confusion of style
When I first moved, I was in a rush to buy things too.
After repeated consideration, restraint and trade-offs
The final ideal state is
Soft furnishing with natural materials only
solid wood, rattan, linen
With original ecological texture and texture
Make the overall style more natural and comfortable
The same simple materials and simple design
diptyque scented candles
And a new season of art home "simple things" series
Combining aroma with art deco
Create a sense of life ritual that I yearn for
That is, rustic and romantic
Love this antique wax vase
The waxy material gives it a gentle yet tough beauty
The classic oval pattern on the bottle body has a unique texture
As a vase full of flowers, it is not deliberate and delicate
Placed in the corner of the home as an ornament, it can also add an artistic atmosphere

Valentine's Day limited ceramic jewelry box set
Contains four round and weighty small boxes
Retro artistic flower arrangement font is presented on the lid
Hide the jewelry inside, every moment of opening the cover
Will become a holiday surprise full of heart

Full curve glass storage bottle, can store some small objects
I put matches in it
Take one and light a verbena scented candle
The candlelight reflects on the curve of the glass bottle
Swaying light and shadow, mixed with fresh herbal scent of verbena
It is slightly bitter, but it makes people feel comfortable in the countryside
There seems to be water vapor in the dry air
Minimalist natural home
Restraint is required, but there is no need to suppress the pursuit of beauty
Replace stacking with simplicity, replace luxury with simplicity
Keep what you really love, and the home will present a simplified aesthetic