Q&A about easy up beach tent

1. Is this strong enough to block north wind on Florida beaches in winter?

We are using it in Florida right now in the Summer and it's fine. Just use the stakes that come with it. 

2. Can it be transported on a plane?

It is about 30 inches in length after packing up so can be transported on a place. 

3. How am i supposed to set this tent up. i received it today with no instructions and the one thing i did find with instructions was very vague. not ver

1. Lay out and account for all components of your tent. 
2. Connect the long tent pole. Insert it into the half-moon shaped flaps in the tent. 
3. Connect two short poles and insert them into the vertical flaps separately. 
4. Two vertical poles and one half-moon shaped pole cross each other to form two Xs that form the basic frame of the tent. 
5. Fix the head of each short poles with the connectors on top of the tent.
6. Tie up at cross points. 
7. Nail the stakes down. 
8. Now the tent is ready to use. 

We also sent the instructions with illustration to your mailbox. Please check and feel free to contact us for any further queries. Thanks!