Winter Camping - Cold Nature Education

Winter is here and outdoor activities become few and far between, afraid of the cold! Fear of getting sick 😷

My millions of reasons, in fact, one action can be all attacked. Since we can't avoid the change of seasons, let's go have some fun in the snow and ice 🙌 Go! camping! Camping!

The premise is: 1. Wear more! The legs and 🦶 are key, best to wear thermal underwear + cotton + snow boots. 2, campfire and stove is a must! 3, hot water can bring a pot in advance, first let yourself warm up, and then burn 🔥 a pot, brew a cup of hot chocolate. (Here miss the Canadian snow day) 4, gloves is to bring a woolen, convenient to work, but also while baking fire while reading a book. 5, the most most most important ‼️ leave no trace‼️ like to enjoy the charm of nature in places without artificial traces, we must know how to cherish her mea culpa, "do not put their own smelly socks into other people's shoes ", our actions are related to our children's perception of the world. The right values are shaped in the little moments of life.

Education Tips: All the lines for this camping trip were made by ourselves, the shoes were mesh, who cares if it's cold when you first see the snow, after a hard kick, the shoes were wet and frozen. As soon as the buttocks fell on the bench, it began to read, immersion is good, the cold can not move to the fire, a little slow. When I got home, the feedback was: 1. Mom how are you not cold, where did you buy your pants and shoes from? 😂 2. "I now know what it's like to be the little girl who sells matches"