Weekend Fancy Walk Halloween Outdoor Theme Party Decoration Tips Halloween

Weekend Fancy Walk Halloween Outdoor Theme Party Decoration Tips
It's one of the kids' favorite shows and a great time to have fun~.
This year, let's do something different ~ Halloween Outdoor Party ~
This time I will focus on sharing the setup strategy~
Theme: Halloween Family Bash
Color: Orange (warm and lively can't go wrong with Halloween)
Number of people: 4 groups of families
thinking: time is limited, there is not much time to set up, so the idea is to try to simple and highlight the festive atmosphere, balloons, pumpkins, candy are easy to carry and carry on a easy setup camping tent ~ a layout, turn around rate of 100%!
Venue: a small park near home, safe and hidden, flat.
How to save money: choose the existing materials at home (props party this time will come in handy)
pumpkins, both for decoration and can be used to make handmade pumpkin lights ~ the best use of ah ~.
home unused small tent, to boast of this small tent, any time used to decorate the photo is not a good way ~ ~.
food: online purchase of small cookies, small candies, fruit atmosphere dotted inplace ~ ~.
string lights + pumpkin lights: when the night falls string lights and pumpkin lights have to be said to pull the full atmosphere of the weapon ~.
open-air movie: this season to watch an outdoor open-air movie, really enjoy ~ busy afternoon, you can also take advantage of the time to relax, the combination of movement is appropriate ah ~ ~.
6 About the activity process.
Making handmade pumpkin lanterns.
The children finished their interest class at 3:00 (it's not easy for elementary school students, the weekend is a variety of interest classes), and started making pumpkin lanterns at 3.40. It was almost dark after making the pumpkin lanterns, but the good thing is that they enjoyed the craft process ~ hmmmm ~ you have fun most importantly!
Dinner party.
Open air movie: choose a movie that the kid