Tips on buying a camping tent for your outdoor adventure


  1. Consider the size and weight

What's the purpose of a tent? If family camping, 3-4 person tent is a must. It's more spacious and comfortable. Generally the weight of the tent exceeds 9lbs. If backcountry camping, 2 person tent is a good choice – pretty lightweight, better less than 7lbs or it's too much load. If you have lots of gears to store in tent, please purchase a larger one.    


  1. Consider the style of the tent

Pop up tents are easy to set up and take down, portable and compact. Dome tents need simple assembly and widely used in varying weather conditions if it's anchored properly. Cabin tents are luxurious with a few rooms and windows but professional setup is required.


  1. Consider the functions of waterproof and sun shade

The majority of the camping tents in the market are waterproof or water-resistant. They can work better with extra rain flies no matter full coverage style of semi coverage. Reading the waterproof parameter in product specification carefully before purchasing, especially those of ground cloth which is important to keep the interior drier. Polyester materials withstands extended exposure to the sun.


  1. Consider the durability

Pay attention to the thickness of the fiberglass poles, stitching and seams, quality of zippers, window and door mesh, materials of the shell and ground cloth, the thickness and material of stakes, etc.