There is light, there are trees, there is warmth, it is my favorite home~

The home I like doesn't need too many complicated decorations and expensive decorations, but it must have light, plants and warmth.

It has been four or five years since I moved to this house. At first, I just wanted to use it as a studio, so I did some simple renovations. I moved in the old sofa and pine furniture from the previous suite, and brought in the Wudou that my parents had bought many years ago. Cabinets and bookcases DIY antique green and blue paint to fill the living room and bedroom. Who knew that these old furniture and my green plants would match so well, which is more in my heart than my current American-style decorated house, so this place has become my regular home.

If you ask me what regrets I have about these furniture, the biggest regret is that the sofa is too worn out. The leather sofa, which has been used for ten years, has been cracked in many places. In addition, I broke the pot and let my two cats often practice their claws on it. Now it is completely unrecognizable (you can imagine that picture). So, for this room renovation, I made up my mind to get a new sofa.

The caramel red couch is soft and close-fitting, and it is spacious. With the cushions removed, it can be used as a single bed, and it is super wear-resistant. The day I first arrived, my cat practiced its claws wildly while I was not paying attention, and there was no trace left (of course, I have already cut off all their nails to prevent accidents)

The off-white single sofa is made of bouclé-style fabric, which looks like gravel plaster and micro-cement, but the body feels very fluffy and gentle, and it is also very wear-resistant and scratch-resistant (also tested by my cat's claw, There is no thread)

The seat cushions and armrests of these two sofas are made of constant-pressure high-elastic sponge, which is environmentally friendly, has a long service life, and feels particularly comfortable. I like to put a line blanket on the white sofa, which not only reduces the number of cleaning, but also increases th