The Ultimate Guide to Tent Repair and Maintenance


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Tents are a very important equipment for people engaged in outdoor adventure. Any durable tent has its life span. Proper usage, repair and maintenance can increase the service life of the tent, and the method is very simple. Here are some tips for your reference.


Invest in a quality tent

Recommend to invest in a quality tent with a good brand, great warranty and excellent rating when you are looking for your favorable tent.


Put extra seam sealer

When you buy a new tent and back to home, remember to use seam sealer to put extra layer in the place where the stitching is waterproof suture glued, which can strengthen tent’s waterproof performance.


Check your tent before camping

Before your backpacking trip, check carefully the situation of the tent, whether there is any damage or missing parts. In case of mildew, use a sponge to gently brush the mildew, or it will destroy the waterproofing of the tent.


Matters of attention while pitching

Try to choose flat campsites, remove protuberances and avoid tents being punctured. Prepare extra ground cloth under the tent. Don't put your shoes in when you get into the tent.


The sun's ultraviolet rays can destroy the tent's cloth strength. If there is no excess shade in the camp, it is suggested that you put up the rain cloth to cover the sun and avoid the sun's direct exposure to the tent.


Before the tent is collected, make sure there is nothing left in it.


Always carry the necessary equipment

Always carry the necessary equipment with you so that you can repair the damage, keep your tent warm and dry.


Tent repair tape can do a quick fix if there is only a small rip or hole. You should apply it both inside and outside of the tent. It’s important to choose the appropriate thing. Nylon tent and canvas tent have special repair tape and seam sealers.


If you have a big tear, you should use a sewing awl and waxed thread to ensure close stitching, then apply the seam sealer. Or cover the damaged area with the tape to ensure that the length is 1.5 inches wider than the tear length, before applying the seam sealer on the edges.


The tent leakage is common at the stitching. If you notice the water leaking in the seams, wipe them with alcohol, then apply the seam sealer.


Additional repair tips

If the pole is bent or even broken, it can be temporarily repaired with the tape. The tape will be twisted around the rod in a spiral shape. It is better to wrap some sticks around it, like a splint, which can be supported to the end of the camping. After the camping is finished, contact the manufacturer and purchase the same material and size of the pole as replacement.


In case of a windproof rope, it can be replaced by a cloth line or a fine nylon rope that is used to bind things. If it happens to be in a place where people are sparsely populated, the shoelace above the shoes can be solved and tied together when used as a windproof rope.


Open the tent and find that there are several missing stakes? If there are trees around it, tie the wind rope directly to the tree; in case there are no trees around it, the wind rope can be tied to large, heavier rocks, and it can also play a role in fixing tents, and can be replaced with iron barbecue fork, shovel, multifunctional knife, and pickaxe.


When you find your tent’s zippers to become stuck, clean them with the water. Stop using zipper lubricant because this will just attract more grime and dirt.


Store your tent in right way

Keep the tent as dry as possible and put the tent away again! After finishing the outdoor trip, remember to hang up the tent and dry it. If the tent is dirty, wash it with cold water gently. Do not use chemical lotion or hard scrubbing. This will destroy the waterproof film on the surface of the cloth and reduce the waterproof effect of the tent.


Do not stuff the tent in its carrying case but fold it up and fold it at a slightly different every time, so that the wear can be effectively reduced.