The simpler the hard decoration, the more interesting the soft decoration❗️

👋Hello, hello~ This is Daqian in Daqian World~

For those like me who like to use soft decoration to carry the tonality of space, simple hard decoration can give my soft decoration more space to play, and more collisions can be made in color and material.
🔵Big white wall/No color number, simple white, it is very suitable for me who is willing to hang things on the wall, it is really easy to repair, and it can be perfectly matched with all colors of decorations and paintings.
🔴Floor/Paved floor really enhances the texture of the space. I chose the gray-toned laminated floor to lengthen the space and improve the integrity of the space. The choice of skirting line should be as simple as possible, and the color should not be too jumpy. A skirting line of about 4 cm can show the vertical length of the space more than a tall skirting line, and mopping the floor will not stain the wall.
🔵Light/Atmosphere Surface-mounted spotlights are also really important. Don’t make complicated ceilings and surface-mounted spotlights. Black lines make the space layered, and different lights will also make the atmosphere of the space stronger at night.
In fact, the part of my hard decoration transformation is really simple, so I can present a big transformation in a simple time.