The reasons parents are keen on purchasing play tents for their children

As parents, you are definitely caring for the growth of your children and understand the role of games is crucial in children's development process. Games enable children to integrate entertainment, sports and learning together, so that it's the best way to inspire kids' intelligence and imagination. In recents years, parents in growing numbers realize the muti-uses/advantages of play tents for children:

  • They provide easy entertainment indoors or outdoors.
  • They cultivate children's ability to coordinate movements, balance and imagination.
  • They are perfect gifts for birthday or holidays for children.
  • They offer a hideout and a little privacy in kids' room.
  • They are essential caring gear for babies.

 Choose the great tent for children's play is challenging. If you would just buy a play tent, you can use following criteria in evaluation.


What's the purpose of this play tent? For camping, playing or baby caring? Used indoors, outdoors or both? You may choose a play tent with UV protection fator for outdoor playing. For example, iCorer pop up beach tent provides wonderful shield from the sun at the beach.


How Many Children Will Be Playing Together

Only 1 children or 2-5 children playing together? And at what ages? Girls or boys? The play teeppee, like iCorer play teepee tent, fits generally 1 children and a 3pc or 4pcs play tents set meets the playing demand of 2 to 5 children in maxmium. Please choose different colors and pattens for children of different sexes




A single tent is relatively priced between $16.99 to 39.99. The price of a quality tent set is much higher, say over $55.99. However, it's well worth it. The tent set like iCorer 4pc pop up play tent with its extra large size and easy to assemble design is ideal for 2-5 kids enjoying their playtime no matter indoors and outdoors.


Type of Tents

Single tent or combined tents? Pop up tents or conventional tents which need assembling? Dome ones or teepee? Made of nylon, polyster or canvas? No assembly required for pop up tent, like iCorer pop up young kids play tent, and they are very lightweight and compact for carring or storage. Domes tent is common for camping or playing. The teepee is much better for imaginative play.