Retro Nordic style Christmas corner decoration‼ ️ Advanced sense get

The publicity of different red and green colors, today I will share the retro Nordic style Christmas corner layout~

The Christmas tree has also changed from the previous style. I chose the snow-flocked and encrypted model, which is matched with a lot of brown decorations. The overall look will be more restrained and more Nordic!

There is also a little bit of caution when it comes to matching Christmas trees: you can choose accessories according to a color system, and you will never go wrong. If you are more confident in your own aesthetic matching, you can choose matching colors that contrast, and it will be very brilliant~

In addition, the environment itself is relatively retro, oil paintings, royal blue curtains, cherry wood side cabinets and woven chairs, all of which are relatively old and retro, so when it comes to matching pillows and pillows, I also choose dark colors, classic ones The Scottish plaid pattern and the color scheme are mainly warm tones, and the overall atmosphere is very good! !