A date with nature use camping tent

November, Island Fire Conference, a date with nature
For every moment of camping life, we need the beautiful healing of nature. It may be a breeze in the pine forest, the turquoise ripples by the lake, and the fleeting sunrise and sunset and the eternal starry sky.

You and I, who have fallen in love with camping, are used to living with the wind in our eyes. It blows away the chaotic thoughts of the city and also brings infinite hope for life.

We can get together in the wind and make a huge wave of outdoor natural life. A leaf contains autumn green, and the forest wind is 100,000 tents. Perhaps no one has seen the wind, but the language of the wind is known to you and me under the canopy.

In November, with the theme of "Burning Fire Conference", we will ride on the autumn breeze in the camp on the island of Yu and lift the waves in our hearts together. Let those troubles and worries in life stay away for a while, and let us breathe in the natural oxygen bar in the daytime at the island camp, and run towards the dawn together with the campfire at night.