How to hang pictures is also an art🎨

How to hang pictures without being low and   high-end, 📒 copy homework 🧏‍♀️

1⃣️Symmetrical hanging method

This hanging method is simple and easy to operate. The choice of pictures, preferably the same color, or the same series of pictures, the best effect.

2⃣️ Balanced hanging method

The width of the decorative painting is slightly narrower than that of the object to be decorated, and it is evenly distributed. It is recommended to choose the same color tone or the same series of content for the picture.

3⃣️ Repeat technique

When hanging decorative paintings of the same size repeatedly, the distance between the paintings should not exceed 1/4 of the painting, so as to form an overall decoration, not scattered, and not messy.

4⃣️Central line hanging method

Let the decorative paintings concentrate on a horizontal line, which has a strong sense of inspiration. When choosing the size, pay attention to the left-right balance of the overall wall. The center line of the single row of hanging pictures can be used as the standard.

5⃣️ Square frame line hanging method

The technique of mixing and matching is not only used in textiles, but also in decorative paintings. Decorations of different materials and styles form a square frame, which is casual without losing the overall sense. The mix-and-match approach is especially suitable for country-style homes!

6⃣️Building structure line hanging method

Along the stairs, roofs, walls, and cabinets, the blank spaces are covered with decorative paintings. This decorative technique was popular in early Europe and is suitable for taller houses indoors.