Educational toys that babies love to play

✨Racing cars🏎️|Lucas likes cars very much. Seeing that the car can't move, he not only likes big cars, but also likes remote control racing cars. At present, I have bought three remote control racing cars for him, and I have to play them every day. When Lucas was about twelve months old, he was able to play remote control racing cars very flexibly, and I think it is also a good exercise for the baby.

✨everearth building block assembly tool table lifestyle disassembly and assembly toy boys and girls puzzle cognition, with advanced and simple color system as the main axis, giving people a sense of gentleness and tranquility. Integrating aesthetics into life, let toys provide new possibilities for home decoration. The baby is also very good at playing, cultivating concentration and the ability to recognize objects and distinguish shapes. It can improve the baby's ability to cooperate and is beneficial to physical development. During the beating process, the child's strength is exercised.

✨Stacking high building blocks to balance Hercules, can be parent-child interaction, adults can accompany children to stack high together, exercise children's hand-eye coordination. Cultivate children's concentration and cooperation ability. Candylab wooden American retro taxi, Ma Ma loves it, the appearance design is perfect and beautiful, suitable for babies to play. Japan's KIKO+GG car toys are really love at first sight, let babies put it down, liberate their nature, and let adults fall in love with some retro and unique innovative designs again.

✨Building blocks, lucas will take them out every day to spell out various patterns, although they are not very similar, but at least I think building blocks are really a treasure toy. Can exercise the baby's all-round skills. Parents can also play with their children. Parent-child interaction is very important. Playing games can increase the communication between parents and children.

✨Caterpillar reading pen. It is well-known to everyone, and I think everyone should have it in Bao Ma's hand. I think it is a super good point-to-point reader. Lucas likes to read with the caterpillar every day, and he will follow along. Can promote the baby's knowledge absorption.

✨Magnetic stickers for books. Animals, means of transportation, cultivate children's classification and storage ability. Can be played over and over again. Still a fun toy book. I picked these for lucas and he loves them and plays them every day. Whether it is buying toys or books, the most important thing is that children can like to play, and can also ponder and study over and over again, and with the company of their parents, they can get twice the result with half the effort.