Do you count the ceiling in the gift

In order to give meaningful gifts to children 🎁

I have been choosing for a long time

Entered this star house✨

The courier arrived, my husband and I, the children beat me haha

Non-stop to put it together

We were all shocked after the fight

The shape of this star house

Like an alien spaceship 🛸

Each piece is a different pattern

Children can paint and color on it🎨

And the hollow design on this roof

When the light comes down, it is as beautiful as 🌟🌃 starry sky

After the child wakes up in the morning, he finds the star house✨

It can be said that the whole person is dancing

I don't want to go to kindergarten anymore.

Don't mention how happy I am 💗

The child's world is so simple

A small 🎁 gift is enough!