Christmas romantic candlelight dinner arrangement

🔔Although Christmas is still a month away, the house is already full of Christmas atmosphere. In addition to moving out the big Christmas tree from previous years and hanging decorations, I also bought many kinds of fresh-cut pine branches at the flower market, and made candlesticks, garlands and Christmas candles by myself✨

✨Actually, the festive atmosphere of dressing up by yourself is more interesting

Those Christmas atmosphere good things that can create a candlelight dinner atmosphere: candlesticks, candles, garlands, atmosphere tableware, Christmas trees.

Candlestick: The long candlestick and a garland are DIY made by myself, using all kinds of fresh-cut pine branches and plants. Wreaths can also be used as candle holders.

Candles: Candles are particularly good at creating a sense of atmosphere. In addition to the candlesticks and candles that I usually like to use, I bought ordinary white candles and DIY them into cute star candles✨.

Tableware: Tableware from the Christmas series is placed on the dining table to create a warm Christmas atmosphere.

Dishes: Make some nicely presented food.

Music: Put on some favorite music or movies to warm you up this winter.