Beautiful and comfortable home! I can stay home all winter!

❤️Hi! haven't seen you for a long time! The weather has been cold recently, and people have become lazy. While the children are not at home, I am going to rearrange some soft furnishings at home!

The acrylic coffee table does not take up space, and it is more suitable for my family. It is also more convenient for children to draw pictures in the living room.

❤️In such a cold weather, fluffy blankets, fluffy pillows, and oversized rugs make me feel a lot warmer. The living room finally ushered in the decorative painting that I have been waiting for for a long time. Recently, I love some Chinese elements. I got a new shoe vase and bought a pair of Christmas goblets to welcome Christmas!

❤️Winter is of course inseparable from a heater, despite its small size, it heats up quickly. I usually like to warm a pot of scented tea or warm some fruits. Where needs to be mentioned. Like a little sun, it is so warm and comfortable!

❤️I really love all the fluffy things in winter, and I also replaced the four-piece suit with fluffy ones in the bedroom. The embroidered red panda is so cute! The winter curtains are also arranged. The retro pattern of this curtain is what I fell in love with at first sight. It is quite thick and has a good shading effect. The surface is a bit fluffy. It matches the retro bed and decorative paintings in the bedroom! There's a whole mix-and-match bedroom!

❤️The overall style of the restaurant is still the same white as the living room. The round table really saves space and can sit more people. Newly added white cream dining chairs, I like this simple style!

❤️ After rearranging, looking at the beautiful and comfortable home, the mood will also improve!