Beach Umbrella or Cabana?

The family with children on seaside vacation would spend a couple of hours on the beach. How to reduce exposure under sun is first consideration. Bringing an umbrella or cabana come to be a problem need to face. Especially what kind of coverage can protect kid well? Besides all-around protection from the sun and rain, the functions of being compact to travel with, easy to set up and take down, is also important.

Advantages of Umbrellas

If a windy day taking an umbrella can hold up strong against high wind. Commercial-grade fiberglass ribs that prevent it from folding backwards. Most umbrella provide 100% UV protection, you can adjust this to 3 or 6 feet tall, adding a sand anchor will provide more stability.  When raining, nothing can cause bad hair days or prevent you from getting soaking.

Some Disadvantages

Some complain the umbrella is flimsy, easily broke after several use, blew up in the air and a few of the tines bent. You have to leave it on the beach and will not have umbrella for the rest of vacation.

Comparing with cabana or tent, umbrella is more expensive. So the affordable fact seems priority. Middle quality of umbrella need between $50 to $100. More high quality and brand charge above $100. If you like to choose a cheaper one under $50, it doesn’t hold up well on windy days. It’s awkward to maneuver when in the carrying bag.

 Advantages of Cabana

Many people trouble with umbrellas, so they choose beach cabana or tent for an option because these are affordable, light enough and portable to transportation, easy to assemble and disassemble. In particular pop up beach tent, when you take it out of the bag it pops up instantly. The build-in sand bags and stakes can hold it perfectly in the sand.

  • UV Protection: Special silver coated fabric around the full coverage to ensure the coverage area of anti-UV effects.
  • Innovative Design: Innovative pop-up design – no assembly required. Patented structure pops up and down in seconds.
  • Nice Size: It can fit a mom and a baby or 3 kids or 2 adults sitting inside.
  • Used Widely: Sun protection for all-day shade at the park, beach, sporting event or just relaxing in the backyard, comes with its own carry case.
  • Compact and Lightweight: Pack size: 18” x 18” x 1”. 2.2 lbs only.

You can afford most of them – the price is $30 or so. If you travel with family and 2-3 kids, there is large pop up tent available.

 Portable cabana or tent offers your family a break from the sun or a cooler place to take a nap. On sunny days, the open front, side windows and rear opening allow for plenty of ventilation to avoid that hot stuffy feel often associated with tents. On windy days, the wind-resistance cords and provided stakes can be used to keep it in place.

 Some Disadvantages

The fold up of the pop up tent is a bit tricky at first till you get the hang of it. Watching online instructions of iCorer tent at YouTube will be great helpful. You’d better practice a couple of times at home before heading to the beach.