BC camping ⛺️ cabin upgrade play!

"How are young people camping now? Still playing the same old card camping?"

-Camping experience upgrade play

When it comes to camping, what comes to your mind is the punch card photos of urban men and women, then you are probably still stuck in the same old camping, if you think of experiencing wilderness camping, then in our mountain camping let you upgrade your experience with the unique BC camping play.

As the most niche way of camping, BC camping is not second to exquisite camping, exquisite camping, a potential stock in the camping circle. bc camping chapter primitive, test the camper's hands-on ability, with light tools to get the fun of wilderness life.

The campground is divided into 2 main areas.

[BC camping small courtyard area] [exquisite camping area

BC cabin camping yard, there is an independent and exclusive yard, not disturbed, experience chopping wood, barbecue, wood stove cooking, hands-on production Fun

Fine camping area requires sophisticated props, good-looking, to create a sense of atmosphere for photos

The camping area also has a picking area, where sweet potatoes are picked and baked on the spot Suitable for parents and children to experience

Fun activities

You don't need to buy any equipment, just bring your simple belongings and you can experience the fun of outdoor camping.

Enjoy the comfortable atmosphere of the outdoors and experience the original BC camping style in the city with modern conveniences

Return to nature, to a quiet environment, get rid of the constraints of steel and iron tiles, close to enjoy nature, enjoy the fun brought to you by hand DIY.

He is not a wilderness survival, not so extreme, on the contrary, he is very comfortable, very relaxed, hand-made wood-fired rice to bring their own kind of happiness is other camping can not feel, when you are immersed in a thing is when you are the most relaxed!

Mulan Mountain BC Log Cabin, the original tribal alliance waiting for you to play!

Create your own camping ⛺️ small yard 〰️

Dinner invites friends to sit around the grill and barbecue in the most primitive way, drink and chat soundly in the soothing music, and enjoy the ultimate romance of nature's gift under the open-air curtain movie, full of healing.

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