Autumn camping for one person, is it lonely? It's more romantic! To Island

By late autumn

Chengdu has long been drought-prone, think the opposite

Yu Island is full of water vapor

It's not so much rain as it is water molecules walking around in the oxygen

The player who came is a veteran camping fanatic

Armed to the teeth with all the equipment

But because of the unique charm of the island, he only plays BC

I asked him why he didn't choose a more sophisticated and comfortable equipment

He said, "It's the most comfortable for me to follow the environment."

The island is indeed beautiful, autumn is more like his palette

Refreshing people's understanding of him, the layers of colored forests

The indefinite variety of complicated plants and trees

All one by one is telling how the colors of autumn are ......

Lakes, rivers, rocks, dead trees and grass, all the prosperity and decay

All are reflected on this "island"

Come here, you can see everything, feast your eyes and comfort your soul!