6 Features of the Best Beach Tents




  • Anti-UV protection
If it is sunny, your skin can easily get burnt after a few hours exposure on the beach. Many great units adopts special UV technology protection around the full coverage to ensure anti-UV effects, completely shielding you and your family members from the harmful rays of the sun.    
  • Breathable
The windows or open-up sides are required so that the tent doesn't become an oven. If you want to place your babies or kids to nap there without subjecting them to strong wind, sand or even insects, shopping the styles with window flaps or zippered doors. These can leave some sides open and only allows a breeze to flow through.
  • Wind-proof
Nobody wants to run after a tent when the wind blows on the beach. Be sure to shop a model that has a sturdy design (solid frame, wind-resistance cords, ground stakes and sand weight pockets for stability) that can withstand a strong, ocean breeze.
  • Ease of assembly
Who has time to understand a complicated set-up when you are eager to enjoy a pleasent beach trip? Get something that should be able to be assemble and disassemble in minimal steps.
  • Sufficient space
The interior space should be enough for beach goers to stay and gear storage.
  • Easy carrying
No doubt the portability is the trend of outdoor items! The light weight and compact size are great advantages if you have a walk to get to the water, or if you want to carry one in luggage or on a plane.